1 Person should prepare which items for disasters

In some situations, Emergencies such as tornadoes, wild fires, earthquakes, floods … can happen at any moment leaving us without life sustaining essentials such as drinking water, food, light, heat and shelter.

Our company provide 72 housr emergency kits to meet Canadian government recommendations for emergency preparedness. In the event of an emergency you can grab it and go, knowing you have the necessary supplies to survive until help arrives.

The Canadian government recommends having an emergency earthquake kits on hand with enough supplies to last at least 72 hours.

We would like to introduce the necessary items which you should kee in mind incase of natural disasters.

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1 — First Aid Kit
1 — Biohazard Waste Bag 24" x 23"
3 — Oral Swabsticks w/ Dentifrice
2 — Tampax Tampons
1 — Toilet Paper (pack)


1 — Safety Whistle with Lanyard
2–12 hour Light Sticks
1 — S.O.S. Sign
1 — Radio — AM/FM (Batteries 2 AA not included)
1–50 Hour Survival Candle
1 — Waterproof Matches (40/box)
1–11 in 1 Multi Function Knife
1 — Duct Tape 48mm x 6m (1.9" x 6.5yd)

Last but not least, we hope to provide enough information so that people can prepare for their 72 hour survival kit as soon as possible. That would help to keep healthy when unwanted natural disasters happen.

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