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What is Earthquake Impact and Its Dangerous Level ?

Hi everybody, earthquakes cause lots of damage and health, this is an unavoidable natural hazard, but we can prevent and reduce these risks. Thing that we can do now is to get earthquake kit preparation. Now let's find out more in this article. The impact of earthquakes The direct impact of earthquakes is ground shaking, causing cracking, collapsing of construction works, causing landslides and avalanches. Its severity is based on the intensity, distance from the epicenter, and geological and geomorphological conditions at the affected site. Earthquakes that occur on the ocean floor can cause landslides or sea floor deformities, causing tsunamis (large waves that overtake the ocean and land). Earthquakes sometimes make volcanoes work, even volcanoes that have been extinguished for a long time ... Dangerous level of earthquake Earthquakes cause tsunamis. When an earthquake struck the ocean floor, the seismic force pushed the giant water mass up. For several hund

1 Person should prepare which items for disasters

In some situations, Emergencies such as tornadoes, wild fires, earthquakes, floods … can happen at any moment leaving us without life sustaining essentials such as drinking water, food, light, heat and shelter. Our company provide 72 housr emergency kits to meet Canadian government recommendations for emergency preparedness. In the event of an emergency you can grab it and go, knowing you have the necessary supplies to survive until help arrives. The Canadian government recommends having an emergency earthquake kits on hand with enough supplies to last at least 72 hours. We would like to introduce the necessary items which you should kee in mind incase of natural disasters. Related posts: Prepared Emergency Kit and Disaster Plan for Earthquake Mountain House Food HYGIENE and SANITATION, FIRST AID: 1 — First Aid Kit 1 — Biohazard Waste Bag 24" x 23" 3 — Oral Swabsticks w/ Dentifrice 2 — Tampax Tampons 1 — Toilet Paper (pack) LIGHT, TOOLS AND COMMUNICATION 1 — Safet

How many preparations for Flood Calamity we should think about ?

What is Floods Disaster ! Any time of the year, flooding occurs in Canada due to heavy torrential rains in the summer, melting down of thick snow packs during spring, or when a man-made dam breaks What to do during the Floods Keep in mind to have your 72 hour emergency earthquake kit near you. Make sure to listen to the radio to hear announcements whether you need to vacate your place or not.  What to do before the Floods Before the flood if there’s any forecast about flooding, remove all electrical plugs before everything gets wet. Move all documents and furnitures to higher levels to avoid destruction. To minimize the rush of water inside your home, you can place sandbags in front of doors and openings to serve as protective barriers. It is important to have emergency kit at your disposal — at home, at the office, and even in your car. Having a 72 hour survival kit will give you enough supplies to get through until everything is sorted out. There are plenty