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What is Earthquake Impact and Its Dangerous Level ?

Hi everybody, earthquakes cause lots of damage and health, this is an unavoidable natural hazard, but we can prevent and reduce these risks. Thing that we can do now is to get earthquake kit preparation. Now let's find out more in this article. The impact of earthquakes The direct impact of earthquakes is ground shaking, causing cracking, collapsing of construction works, causing landslides and avalanches. Its severity is based on the intensity, distance from the epicenter, and geological and geomorphological conditions at the affected site. Earthquakes that occur on the ocean floor can cause landslides or sea floor deformities, causing tsunamis (large waves that overtake the ocean and land). Earthquakes sometimes make volcanoes work, even volcanoes that have been extinguished for a long time ... Dangerous level of earthquake Earthquakes cause tsunamis. When an earthquake struck the ocean floor, the seismic force pushed the giant water mass up. For several hund